Keeping You Safe As You Shop

Keeping You Safe As You Shop

St. Enoch Centre will fully reopen on Monday 26th April.

As we welcome you back to St. Enoch Centre, our number one priority is the safety of our shoppers and staff.

We’re working hard to keep you safe. Please help us by playing your part:

Please wear a mask

Maintain social distancing at all times

Wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds

Avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth

Use the sanitation stations that are set up throughout the mall

Our staff are trained to implement these policies in a courteous and respectful manner, which does not affect your rights in any way, and we would ask that you respond respectfully. Aggressive or abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.

Frequently Asked Questions – Below are a range of answers to our most frequently received questions. We hope this helps plan your next visit.

Are all entrances to St. Enoch Centre open?

All entrances will be open with doors opened clearly for either entrance or exit only.

Is the food court open?

The Atrium Food Court will re-open on 26th April.

For the health and safety of the customers and staff in our premises, St. Enoch Centre collects your name and contact details to support NHS Scotland’s Test & Protect. This information will be used to enable NHS Scotland to contact you should you have been in the premises around the same time as someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. Contacting people who might have been exposed to the virus is an important step in stopping the spread. Further information is available here

Do I have to wear a face mask/covering?

In line with the latest Government guidance, it is mandatory that face coverings are worn while in the centre. For more information please visit Scottish Government website here

I have a health condition/hidden disability- do I need to wear a face mask/face covering?

As per Government guidelines, you do not need to wear a face covering if you have certain health conditions.

Will you supply a face covering for visitors if they need one?

Unfortunately, we will not be supplying face coverings to our visitors. Vending machines selling face masks are available for customers to use.

Is the car park open?

The car park is now open. The car park is operated by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. When entering the car park, your number plate will be recorded along with the time when you arrive. Once your stay with us is over, you can pay for your parking via webpay or at the pay machines located on ground and first floor of the mall. During this time we could recommend that you use a contactless payment method.

Will the toilet facilities be made available in the centre?

Toilets will be open & operational in the centre. In order to allow for social distancing measures to be in place, there will be a one-way system in place and a limited number of people in the toilets at the one time.

  • Ensure you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds when visiting the rest rooms and continue to wash them regularly.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Use the sanitation station on entering and leaving the rest rooms and continue to use the stations that are set up throughout the mall
  • Maintain social distancing at all times

Will all the baby feeding and changing facilities be open?

Baby changing & feeding facilities will be open and are located on level 1 & level 2 at The Atrium Food Court.

Will St. Enoch Centre gift cards that are due to expire be extended?

We will honor and extend cards that expire during the current Covid-19 period by 90 days from the time of expiry. Please get in touch with us directly with specific gift card queries – [email protected]

Can I still use the lifts in the centre?

Customer lifts will still be available and in operation. In order to allow for social distancing to be in place, we have limited the amount of people using our lifts at any one time. We would recommend that you take care and only use the lifts if necessary.

We would like to ask all customers who are wanting to move between various levels in the centre use the East staircase for going down and West staircase for going up to car park levels to assist with social distancing.

Is the Customer Information desk open?

The Customer Information desk will be open from 26 April and is located on level 1, next to The Atrium Food Court.


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