Test & Protect

1. Introduction
For the health and safety of the customers and staff in our premises, St. Enoch Centre collects your name and contact details to support NHS Scotland’s Test & Protect. This information will be used to enable NHS Scotland to contact you should you have been in the premises around the same time as someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. Contacting people who might have been exposed to the virus is an important step in stopping the spread.

In this Privacy Statement, we describe what personal data we process, who is responsible for processing your personal data, for which purposes we process your personal data, how long we process your personal data, how you can exercise your privacy rights, and all other information that may be relevant to you.

We did our best to provide you with all information in a clear and readable format. However, if you have any questions about our use of your personal data after reading this Privacy Statement, you can of course always contact us by emailing [email protected]

2. What is personal data?
Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different pieces of information, which collected together can lead to the identification of a particular person, also constitute personal data.

3. Which personal data do we process?
Along with the date and time of your arrival and departure, we will collect the following personal data if applicable:

 your name; and
 contact telephone number.

If you do not have a telephone number, you have the option to provide:

 an email address.

Where multi-household groups are present, we will collect contact details from a ‘lead member’ of each household, along with the number in attendance from each household within the group.

4. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?
St. Enoch Centre, located at 55 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW, is the controller of the processing of all categories of personal data mentioned above.

5. For which purposes do we process your personal data?
As stated above, the purpose for which we are processing your personal data is to assist with NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect strategy in relation to the coronavirus public health epidemic. This will involve the gathering and, when required, the sharing of information with NHS Scotland as the responsible body for Test and Protect. Your data will not be used for any other purpose.

6. On which legal basis do we process your personal data?
We processes your personal data on the basis of a “legal obligation”.

In short, we are obliged to process the personal data to comply with the law which requires us to collect your data and share it with public health officers if they request it under The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 11) Regulations 2020.

7. To whom do we provide your personal data?
We will share your personal data covered by this Privacy Statement to the following categories of recipients.

In order to assist in the containment of the virus, we will only share your data when it is requested directly by NHS Scotland. This will only be in the unlikely event there is a cluster of coronavirus cases linked to the venue. Information will be transferred securely to NHS National Services Scotland who will use the data to contact trace those who were in the establishment at the same time as the positive case, and will provide guidance and support to those who may be advised to self-isolate.

For further information on the NHS Scotland Test and Protect strategy please visit the NHS website

Business service companies
We may provide your personal data to our service providers.

8. How long do we store your personal data?
Your personal data, collected for the purposes stated in this privacy notice and will be held by us for at least 3 weeks (21 days). Hereinafter, your personal data will be deleted or made anonymous.

9. How can you exercise your privacy rights?
You have the right to request access to an overview of your personal data, and under certain conditions, rectification of personal data. To invoke your right of access and rectification of personal data, please contact us by using the contact details set out above and in paragraph ‘More information?’. Please keep in mind that we may ask for additional information to verify your identity.

10. More information?
If you have any issues, queries or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data please contact:

St. Enoch Shopping Centre,
55 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4BW
T. 0141 204 3900
E. [email protected]

You can lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection supervisory authority if, for example, you believe that we do not process your personal data carefully, or because you have sent us a request to access or rectification of your personal data and you are not satisfied with our reply, or we did not reply in a timely manner.

11. When was the last modification made to this Privacy Statement?
This Privacy Statement applies since 25/08/2020. The last modifications to this Privacy Statement were made on 25/08/2020.