Pick Your Perfect Prom Dress

Pick Your Perfect Prom Dress

So it’s the biggest night of your life to date (no pressure!).

You want to look perfect so that your classmates will always remember how amazing you looked on prom night and not how you looked in your school jumper and tie, sound about right?

Look no more, we have a selection of the best dresses from your favourite St. Enoch stores to help you take home the ‘Best Dressed’ crown.

Now all you have to worry about is celebrating and dancing your school years away.

Want to create soft and feminine look? This selection of cream, white and blush dresses with detailed embellishment are perfect for you!

Dresses 1

  1. Miss Selfridge, Embellished Pleat Maxi Dress £89
  2. Topshop, Embellished Cut-Away Maxi Dress £95
  3. Miss Selfridge, Cream Embellished Maxi Dress £140
  4. Quiz, Diamante Neck Fishtail Maxi Dress £49.99
  5. Quiz, Lace Chiffon Sequin Maxi Dress £74.99

Or is dark and dramatic more your thing? Black, navy and pewter are the go to shade for you. Pair with a red lip to create a bold look for your prom night.

Dresses 2

  1. Topshop, Jewel Embellished Maxi Dress £160
  2. Miss Selfridge, Pewter Embellished Maxi Dress £140
  3. Quiz, Bardot Fishtail Maxi Dress £54.99
  4. Topshop, Lace Trim Maxi Dress £69
  5. Miss Selfridge, Pewter Embellished Maxi Dress £140

Who says your prom dress has to be a long gown, if conventional isn’t your thing we’ve got some shorter alternatives you’ll love.

Dresses 3

  1. Topshop, Plunge Pleated Midi Dress £85
  2. Miss Selfridge, Black Organza Dress £75
  3. Miss Selfridge, Teal Lace Prom Dress £75
  4. Miss Selfridge, Cream Embellished Bodycon Dress £110


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